Tobias Servaas

Art Consultancy & Grant Writing


In the current world, nothing is more fundamental than the ability to change one’s way of looking at the world. This competence I call aspect change, a term coined by philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Behavioural psychologist study the principles of aspect change and (social) media use them to manipulate minds. We need to understand them too, yet this time to foster empathy. Once we can demonstrate the mechanisms of aspect change in very simple examples, the rich variety of possible ways of looking at things will suddenly become apparent. Slowly we will learn how to shift perspectives with joy and ease.

My research project on aspect change holds a balance between artistic and philosophical investigations. It is fuelled and supervised by the artist, philosopher and mentor Tine Melzer.

Below you find a number of articles of mine on this topic. A complete list can be found on my Linkedin.

I also wrote a Masters Thesis about this topic, called Looking at the End of Your Index Finger. You can download it here: